Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ka Dumpa Dump

Here's an assorted backlog of stuff!

I really do love Lynda Barry. I want to go to one of her workshops, but I never have the dough.

From a sketch jam in L.A.... My buddy Graham and I didn't want to run dry on ideas (and embarrass ourselves!) in front of the other animators, so we challenged each other with theme drawings. This one is "Punk".

I'm most relaxed when I'm drawing heads.

I have tons of stuff but I don't want to load it all at once and have it all start tastin' like beans. More later!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Not that it matters anyway. What can I say? I've been 21 for a few months now, still so freshly into it that I never remember I can legally buy liquor. I'm paranoid, too. Sometimes charmingly so. If I had a sound effect it would be "Grouch, grouch, grouch." Not that I'm really that crabby, but try saying it really fast. It's fun!

I'm a Senior level animation student in Chicago, and despite passing all my classes very well so far, I still have this deep ache within, a sort of terrible foreboding, that I'm only deluding myself and that I'm never, ever going to get a job in this field. So, as a sort of therapy, I'm gonna post doodles and whatnot in order to soothe myself and provide good opportunities to procrastinate. OH BOY!

I've been drawing since I was a wee one, somewhere in my ma's house is a bin containing art awards from way back when I was in Kindergarten. My favorite is an award from Fire Safety Week, I drew a burning house with an infant poking out from under a staircase holding matches. I think that alone implies my comics background, my eldest brother Jose taught my how to make 'zines at a really young age. As I got older I drifted from the comics scene and really admired animation. I admit I was a Japanese Animation freak for years, but when I entered college I realized just how much was out there. Right now Indie animation and student films are my greatest interests. I've also learned to appreciate good ol' American animation, but I have to admit after taking so many film and media analysis classes as part of my education, I'm extremely critical of anything I watch. Sigh- Movies and television are pretty much ruined to me forever.

Within the past two years I've started getting back into drawing comics (never stopped reading those loveable lil' bastards), but with so much schoolwork and life stuff going on, I've pretty much stuck to journal comics. It's so convenient and relaxing to draw daily events and thoughts, sort of like a picture diary. Speaking of which, I've never been able to keep a diary because I ended up drawing on all the pages.

So, due to the fact I haven't time to build/launch/maintain an actual website, I'm going to post them on this blog. Which is why it's called Garibaldiology, because it's my world view and thoughts (doy).

I should probably take the time now to explain the two reoccurring characters. I've a passing interest in Freudian Psychology, and have made caricatures of my Id and Ego/Super-ego. My Id is called The Assface (A. Face to the kids). It resembles its name. and I'm proud to say I have a tattoo of that unfortunate creature. My Ego and Super-ego are housed within the same appearance, which is a caricature of what I actually look like. I call it P. Ginger (which is a play on my nickname, you figure it out). Here's a drawing of them together:

Now, I have to point out that The Assface doesn't always stay inside P. Ginger's head. When it's something really childish, A. Face usually appears alone. Sometimes it's in P. Ginger's empty head. And sometimes it appears as graffiti on random public walls. But that I won't take credit for. Assface has also appeared on cookies. That's another story entirely.

P. Ginger is really just an observational voice that I use to describe events. Kind of a stand-in body because I don't like drawing myself realistically, and I hate writing without being able to illustrate. I like the fact that the words and images play off each other. That way I don't have to say as much. LOL.

But I'm tired, so further posts (and lots of words, which is unlike me) will soon follow. And comics. Lots comics. And animations too, if I can figure it out how to post them.