Saturday, November 10, 2007


Man, it's always so hard to stay on task when you can't even work up the motivation. I've such a demanding schedule that procrastination isn't easy anymore. Oh well. Wednesday night I did manage the time to wander over to Bill Plympton's secret screening of the unfinished Angels and Idiots. Not that my opinion amounts to much, but I liked it. What was shown was a Leica reel with quite a few shots replaced with finished animation. Certain parts needed to be edited, but it was fun and definitely something I can learn from. And Bill is such a freakin cool guy. He didn't even mind that I gaped at him for some time cause everything I wanted to say vanished. Enough about my impending stalkerdom, here's some build up:

Quick sketch of a happy lil dumbass turtle. If Becky ever sees this, it's not Omelette.

Like most people, I listen to depressing music to make my life better by comparison.

Nothing beats a noon-time gyro. Unless it's a breakfast, brunch, linner, or dinner gyro.

Since I've such a big wad of comics stockpiled, I'm posting them in a random order.

One of my procrastination doodles. Once every blue moon I work on it.

I getcher five-finger discount.

Ugh. Today was a total waste. I animated a couple seconds of a charcoal drawing, but the rest of the day was a bust. I sat down to revise some storyboards and couldn't bear to do anything. I'm gonna go to bed and make up for it tomorrow. Hopefully this trend doesn't continue, I've a tight deadline on those boards, plus another animation project I'm working on. Boooooo. On the plus side, I've discovered a fondness for charcoal animation. It's kind of a relief, since I didn't have the patience for stop-motion, sand, or paint animation. Scratch animations are fun as long as I have music to drown out that horrible squeak noise the acetate makes as the ink is scratched off.

Oh yeah, and one more thing...

Maybe, just maybe, you're looking at the future.