Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Terrible at This...

Geez, I need to give myself blog deadlines or something. It's one thing to be unproductive (which I'm not, I SWEAR!), but I just never bother showing my stuff. Maybe it's an innate fear of failure. Or pickiness. Or I just end up reading or drawing instead of posting....yeah, I think that's it.

I doodled this in math class. African? Japanese? Afro-Japanese? Who knows what's influencing me.
One thing's for sure: Parachute pants.

This started with the lead monster being doodled at the Field Museum (inspired by an Eryops, I think), and eventually lead to this. I'm now developing them in an assignment for my Producing class.

In recent news, I'm slowly learning after effects. Sometimes I just wish I could get along with a pencil and some animation paper, but we are living in the 21st century. Plus I like photoshop too much to give up on technology. I've also got a new storyboarding and concept development gig on top of a comic that's still in the development stage. Thank god storyboarding for APS class is done. I mostly just do poses and animation checking in that class now, and a keys and animation here and there.

Oh, and I redid my final for Alternative Strategies in Animation. I'm still editing it, but....

This is a clip of the original charcoal portion. Called "WakeUp!", it's a mixed media piece. I reshot the opening portion using cutouts on a multiplane rather than a flat paper puppet with joints (too rigid), and added a chalk portion. The whole thing is timed to the beat of the song "Wake Up and Smell the Millennium" by Nobody. I'd post it, but don't have the rights to the song. I'll get around to it. It's a very upbeat song.